Corporate, Financial & Insurance Advice

Our duty is to support entrepreneurs by providing the necessary tools to successfully manage their business.

With the experience of our professionals (domestic knowledge) and the continuous interacting with the entrepreneur enables us to develop ideas together,through the specialized skills required, to interprete and manage the data that emerges from the financial statements of the company.

We assist in creating business plans, finding the right form of investment but, in particular, in the cohesion between the disciplines in matters related to corporate management.

Furthermore we engage / assist in the development of the marketing and communication plans providing accurate Marketing prospects on all necessary aspects to control the activities, exchange strategies, and promote products.


Through our experts we deal directly with the operations of “out of ordinary” administration such as liquidation, merger & acquisition, bankruptcies, due diligence, agreements, rental of company branches and transformations.


All lines including commercial credit insurance with 1st class Insurance Groups (Exclusively for Corporates).