Tax & Legal Solutions



Our highly qualified staff of will be at your complete disposal to discuss all issues related to individual cases /matters. Our service is aimed at pensioners, families and business owners who have incurred debts with the tax authorities and are unable to sustain them. Our aim is to be able to close / conclude the tax debts with “Equitalia” and “Agenzia delle Entrate” (Revenue Agency). Procedures will be activated in order to protect financial / real estate property

Thanks to the intervention of Studio Accountants Busto Arsizio GSC Consulting Group Srl, will be able to:

– Extend the debt
– Defer the debt
– Transact the debt
– Reduce the debt
– Cancel the debt


Not being linked to banks or financial institutions, we operate as a private / indipendent company, and therefore we offer services to individuals and companies to resolve debt problems. Our staff assist business owners / entrepreneurs, families, pensioners who have incurred debts with banks.

Our team of accountants, lawyers and professionals, will perform:


Analysis of debt by:

– CRIF (Domestic / International commercial credit information)
– Experian (Debt recovery on insolvencies
– CTC (commercial credit insurance)
– CAI (Risk prevention / management)
– Updated “Black list” bulletin
– “Excerpt” role (in order to figure out the exact amount of the debt due to the tax authorities)
– Land registry records / mapping (information required to know whether there are any onuses on your property)
– Pra (Italian automobile association for registered / number plated vehicles)


Thanks to our intervention you will be able to:

– protect your rights of the debtor to the creditor;
– settlements conducted by Lawyers for the settlement of the debt;
– cancellation by the banks of bad payers;
– assist in the management of debts arising from non-payment of mortgage loans and asset protection;
– cancellation from the official registry for promissory notes or allowances paid;
– management of accounts payable arising from the non-payment of cheques or bills;
– legal assistance for enforcement procedures;


GSC Consulting Group Srl will immediately check your position in order to prevent further consequences of debt and improve your debt situation.